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If you or a loved one has been charged with a sex crime, it is important to contact an experienced Alexandria Sex Crimes Attorney right away. These cases carry severe penalties, and it is crucial to have the best possible legal representation in order to avoid a conviction.

The Law is Different in Sexual Assault Cases – It’s important to choose a criminal defense lawyer who understands the nuances of sex crimes laws. An experienced sex crimes attorney can help you get your charges dropped or reduced so that you can avoid incarceration and other negative consequences.

Rape is the Most Severe Sexually Based Crime in Virginia — It’s illegal to rape another person, regardless of the age of the victim. The penalties are severe and could include jail time, mandatory reporting to the police, and registration on the sex offender registry.

A conviction for rape can be devastating to the victim’s life. It can affect future employment opportunities, and it could even lead to a permanent criminal record.

Having an experienced Alexandria Sex Crimes Attorney on Your Side can be the difference between being found innocent or facing a serious prison sentence and a life of repercussions. Your attorney will take the time to examine all of the details of your case and prepare a thorough legal defense for you.

Your Defense Will Be Built on a Solid Foundation of Evidence and Expertise – A competent and experienced sex crimes attorney can provide you with the strong legal support you need to ensure your rights are protected. They will analyze witness statements, police reports, and other records to identify inconsistencies or mistakes that may be used against you.

The Most Common Defenses Against Sex Crime Charges — The most common sex crime defense is consent. It’s essential that your Alexandria sex crimes attorney investigates the circumstances of the incident in question to determine whether consent was in fact granted and if so, what type of consent it was.

In the aftermath of a sex crime, an accuser may not remember the incident and might be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They may also make inaccurate statements that could negatively impact their case.

Remain calm and do not answer any questions from the police unless you’re sure you’re being spoken to in the best interests of your case.

Do not speak to the police without the advice of a Boston sex crimes attorney because the police are merely trying to boost their case against you and do not have your best interests at heart.

Defend against the allegations of the accuser and uncover illicit motives – The accuser might be trying to frighten you or manipulate the situation for their own benefit. This might be something as simple as a failed relationship, an attempt to cover up guilt after consensual sex, divorce or custody disputes, manipulation of children, etc.

Your attorney will also investigate whether the accuser has a history of violence or drug use, and whether they have committed similar offenses in the past. They will also investigate if any physical evidence supports the allegations and can provide you with the legal defense you need to protect your rights.

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