Many homeowners are unaware that their roof needs repair until something drastic happens to it. Often, roofs look just fine from the ground, but they actually have serious problems that need to be repaired or replaced. These issues can be caused by aging or flying debris that has landed on them. If you suspect that your roof is in need of repair, it’s best to schedule a professional inspection.

A thorough inspection should reveal the cause of any problems. A leaking roof is one of the first signs of a need for a new roof. Water damage can affect the underside of the roof, as well as the supports of the roof in the attic. Oftentimes, a minor leak can be repaired, but a more serious issue will require a complete roof replacement. Other symptoms include shingles that give when walked on, which are signs of deteriorated support boards.

In addition to a leaking roof, hail damage can cause damage to the roof. Although most hail damage can be repaired, a roof that has had eight or more hail hits may require a full replacement. If you have hail damage, you may also want to check with your homeowner’s insurance provider to see how much coverage you have for repairs. Depending on how much damage has occurred, the insurance company may even cover the entire replacement.

When it comes to cost, a typical homeowner’s insurance policy may cover the cost of a roof replacement. It depends on the type of coverage you have and how old your roof is. If your roof is more than 15 years old, it’s highly unlikely to be covered by insurance. However, if you can prove that your roof has suffered enough hail damage, you may be able to have the insurance company cover the costs of a complete roof replacement.

While the cost of a new roof may be higher than repairs, the benefit of a new roof is that it won’t require constant repairs. In addition to the cost savings, a new roof will add value to your home and protect you from further damage. In addition to preventing the risk of water damage from getting into your home, a new roof will protect you and your family from further weather damage.

If you are in the market for a new roof, don’t be afraid to talk to a qualified contractor. Many contractors offer financing options for roof replacement projects. This can be a great way to get what you need despite your tight budget. The benefits of a new roof are well worth the price.

A professional roofer from Exo Construction Group can determine if repairs are the best option, depending on the extent of damage and the overall cost. They can also give you the information you need to make an informed decision. Choosing a repair versus a roof replacement can save you money now and in the long run, and it will save you from the hassle and time it takes to get the job done.

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