When you are building your new home, you need to work with a construction company that will ensure all aspects of the project run smoothly. This includes a team of trade contractors and an experienced construction superintendent. It also means understanding the many laws and regulations involved with construction.

There are several types of homes to choose from, including tract, speculative and custom. Each one has its benefits and drawbacks.

Choosing your new home will involve a consultation with a sales consultant from the builder to determine the best floor plan and amenities for your needs. They can also help you design the interior, exterior and landscape of your new home.

Once you select the home that best meets your needs, you will work with the construction team to begin the process. It will take about six months to complete the construction and you will need to have regular communication with your contractor to make sure the job is going well.

At each stage of your new home’s construction, a hand-off will occur between your home builder contractor and the appropriate trade contractors. These are the ones who will complete a specific step in your home, such as framing or finishing the basement. Your construction superintendent will be the point of contact for these hand-offs and will oversee the entire project to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Before deciding to work with a local Boise construction company, you need to decide how much money you have to spend on the project. You will need to pay for permits and materials, so it’s a good idea to set an initial budget before you start talking with potential contractors.

You’ll need to have at least a few phone interviews with general contractors and get quotes from them. Most contractors will charge between 10-percent to 20-percent of the overall cost of the home, which includes permits and materials.

If you’re able to put down a small down payment on the construction of your new home, this can help save you money over time. Alternatively, you can also use a construction loan. This is a type of loan that has higher interest rates than a traditional mortgage, but can be used to purchase a newly constructed home.

When selecting your contractor, you need to make sure that they understand how important it is to have a strong relationship with their clients. This person will be the one that will be responsible for your project from beginning to end, so it’s important to select someone who you trust and can communicate well with.

They will also need to be familiar with your neighborhood’s zoning and local ordinances, as well as your home’s HOA covenants. This will help them make decisions on your home that are in compliance with the rules of your community.

It’s a good idea to get your building plans approved before the construction begins. This way, you can be sure that your new home is built to code and will be safe for your family to live in.

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