The Perfect Toaster Oven For Confined Spaces

The Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven uses the same technology and elements found in Breville’s bigger and higher priced models, but they place it a more compact and counter space friendly version. This unit is perfect for extra small kitchens, dorm rooms or other tight fitting areas where counter top space is at a premium. Owners of this toaster oven just love what it can deliver in such a compact form.

Don’t let its smaller size fool you. This oven can do more than just toast and was designed to handle a wide variety of cooking, baking and broiling tasks. It is the perfect compliment to any kitchen and can replace some of the cooking needs traditionally reserved for larger sized ranges. If you are looking for something modern and capable, then the BOV450XL is the best small toaster oven option available.

Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 9 inches

Capacity: 4 slices of toast, 11” pizza

Wattage: 1800W

Oven Features

Smart Technology: Breville models, including the BOV450XL, come with their Element IQ smart cooking technology. The oven can sense where heat is needed or not needed and it can automatically adjust the heating elements inside the oven for even cooking.

4 Quartz Heating Elements: Rather than using stainless steel like most other toaster ovens, the heating elements are made of quartz which can respond to changes in heat quicker and more efficiently.

Solid Design & Construction: Not only is the unit made from durable and strong materials, but it also looks great in any type of kitchen.

Easy Clean Up: The inside of the oven is coated with a non-stick material able to withstand high temperatures. It also comes with an easily accessible, front loading crumb tray. Clean up in less time with less hassle.

Simple Controls: The BOV450XL comes with 8 presets that include; roast, broil, cookies, toast, bake, reheat, bagel and pizza. These presets can also be customized to your preferred settings. All this on an easy to read LCD display. Functional and modern looking.

“A Little Bit More” Button: Comes with a convenient button that will ad a few more seconds to the cook time if you prefer to get your “perfect result”.

What Do Owners Think Of The Breville BOV450XL?

For the most part, owners of this model are extremely happy with their purchase. It is a top performer when it comes to customer ratings and recommendations. Some of the aspects of this toaster oven that get the most praise include;

Performance: This is probably the most important aspect of any appliance, does it work as it should? Users find the answer to that question is a resounding “Yes”. Toast comes out perfect, and owners love the customizable settings to get the toast just how they like it. This unit also shines with other cooking tasks, and customers found this little dynamo to be the perfect compliment to their full size oven for cooking smaller meals as well as baking.

Design: Owners love not only how this oven performs, but also how it looks. Its modern and sleek design really stand out in any type of kitchen.

Clean Up: Users also find this model is simple to clean and are satisfied with the short amount of time needed to make everything spotless.

Value: For the most part, those who have bought this toaster oven are very happy with their purchase. It does just about everything they need it to do and more.

What Could Be Better?

No Broiling Rack or Pan: Even though it does have a “broil” preset, some owners wished that it came with a broiling rack and/or pan so that they could make use of it without having to purchase it separately.

Loud Signal: Some users did not really care for how loud they thought the alarm was on this machine. In a confined space, it might be a bit much.

Time: A small number of users were not happy with the amount of time it took to prepare certain items in this oven and wished that it did the job a little faster.

Who Should Buy The Breville BOV450XL?

Anyone who is single, lives in a small apartment, does not have a lot of counter space, lives in a dorm room or anyone looking to not use a full size oven to cook smaller meals would find the BOV450XL a perfect option. It is a space, time and energy saver and can replace a lot of the tasks of a traditional range oven.

Bottom Line

The Breville BOV450XL is a terrific little toaster oven that is a top performer for owners. Across multiple online retailers it consistently receives high marks from customers. Breville has really come out with a terrific line of countertop toaster ovens and this model is part of that excellence. If counters space is limited but you want a capable toaster oven, then this unit should be on your list.