The Perfect Toaster Oven For Confined Spaces

The Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven uses the same technology and elements found in Breville’s bigger and higher priced models, but they place it a more compact and counter space friendly version. This unit is perfect for extra small kitchens, dorm rooms or other tight fitting areas where counter top space is at a premium. Owners of this toaster oven just love what it can deliver in such a compact form.

Don’t let its smaller size fool you. This oven can do more than just toast and was designed to handle a wide variety of cooking, baking and broiling tasks. It is the perfect compliment to any kitchen and can replace some of the cooking needs traditionally reserved for larger sized ranges. If you are looking for something modern and capable, then the BOV450XL is the best small toaster oven option available.

Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 9 inches

Capacity: 4 slices of toast, 11” pizza

Wattage: 1800W

Oven Features

Smart Technology: Breville models, including the BOV450XL, come with their Element IQ smart cooking technology. The oven can sense where heat is needed or not needed and it can automatically adjust the heating elements inside the oven for even cooking.

4 Quartz Heating Elements: Rather than using stainless steel like most other toaster ovens, the heating elements are made of quartz which can respond to changes in heat quicker and more efficiently.

Solid Design & Construction: Not only is the unit made from durable and strong materials, but it also looks great in any type of kitchen.

Easy Clean Up: The inside of the oven is coated with a non-stick material able to withstand high temperatures. It also comes with an easily accessible, front loading crumb tray. Clean up in less time with less hassle.

Simple Controls: The BOV450XL comes with 8 presets that include; roast, broil, cookies, toast, bake, reheat, bagel and pizza. These presets can also be customized to your preferred settings. All this on an easy to read LCD display. Functional and modern looking.

“A Little Bit More” Button: Comes with a convenient button that will ad a few more seconds to the cook time if you prefer to get your “perfect result”.

What Do Owners Think Of The Breville BOV450XL?

For the most part, owners of this model are extremely happy with their purchase. It is a top performer when it comes to customer ratings and recommendations. Some of the aspects of this toaster oven that get the most praise include;

Performance: This is probably the most important aspect of any appliance, does it work as it should? Users find the answer to that question is a resounding “Yes”. Toast comes out perfect, and owners love the customizable settings to get the toast just how they like it. This unit also shines with other cooking tasks, and customers found this little dynamo to be the perfect compliment to their full size oven for cooking smaller meals as well as baking.

Design: Owners love not only how this oven performs, but also how it looks. Its modern and sleek design really stand out in any type of kitchen.

Clean Up: Users also find this model is simple to clean and are satisfied with the short amount of time needed to make everything spotless.

Value: For the most part, those who have bought this toaster oven are very happy with their purchase. It does just about everything they need it to do and more.

What Could Be Better?

No Broiling Rack or Pan: Even though it does have a “broil” preset, some owners wished that it came with a broiling rack and/or pan so that they could make use of it without having to purchase it separately.

Loud Signal: Some users did not really care for how loud they thought the alarm was on this machine. In a confined space, it might be a bit much.

Time: A small number of users were not happy with the amount of time it took to prepare certain items in this oven and wished that it did the job a little faster.

Who Should Buy The Breville BOV450XL?

Anyone who is single, lives in a small apartment, does not have a lot of counter space, lives in a dorm room or anyone looking to not use a full size oven to cook smaller meals would find the BOV450XL a perfect option. It is a space, time and energy saver and can replace a lot of the tasks of a traditional range oven.

Bottom Line

The Breville BOV450XL is a terrific little toaster oven that is a top performer for owners. Across multiple online retailers it consistently receives high marks from customers. Breville has really come out with a terrific line of countertop toaster ovens and this model is part of that excellence. If counters space is limited but you want a capable toaster oven, then this unit should be on your list.

Budget Car Seat Alternatives For Weary Parents

Even though the safety of our children is the most important concern of any parent, we all can’t afford to spend $400 or $500 on a high end safety seat, and we should not feel bad about that. We do not want to end up skimping on security for the sake of saving a few bucks and this may cause some to feel a bit guilty, but you shouldn’t fret about it. There are a number of high quality child seats on the market that allow you to buy something that will offer protection for both your children and your pocketbook.

Buying a convertible safety seat is also a smart economical choice as it can be used as your child grows. The versatility to use it for infants all the way up to toddlers is something that is desirable for parents and it is a major reason why these types of car seats are so popular.

Having a child can be quite expensive, and a new car seat is an important purchase. You want the money you spend to provide you with something that is going to keep your little one safe and free from harm. So, what are some of the best choices? We decided to go through the current list of the top convertible car seats available in 2019 to find some options that are lighter on the wallet while providing peace of mind while you are out on the road.

Convertible Car Seats That Won’t Break The Bank

While the higher end car seats may offer slightly more safety features, any seat being sold today in a reputable store must meet certain standards for safety. Knowing this should help put your mind at ease as even a budget-friendly choice will be able to provide the features needed to secure your child in the event of an accident. Below are some of top convertible car seats that are quite affordable.

Graco Size4Me 65

This convertible car seat is more of a mid-range option as it will cost you between $150 and $200. This model has can be used for kids from 5 to 65 lbs. As your child grows you can switch or “convert” the seat from rear facing to forward facing. It features a simple to use “InRight” LATCH system specific to Graco models that make it a breeze secure into place in your back seat. This help deliver much needed convenience when getting the seat in and out of your car.

It comes with side impact protection, EPS energy absorbing foam, a five point harness, and it has been thoroughly tested to meet or exceed current safety standards. It also has comfortable materials, a cup holder, and is something that kids will enjoy riding in. Owner reviews for the Size4Me line of car seats has been extremely positive as well as parents really love how it performs on a daily basis.

Britax Marathon ClickTight

Not exactly budget-friendly, the Marathon will run somewhere around $250. For that price however, you do end up getting exceptional value as far as safety features are concerned. Side impact protection, sturdy frame, energy absorbing base, and SafeCell technology all designed to protect your child from the forces of a crash and shield them from flying debris. The materials used are also excellent as they are breathable, easy to clean, and comfortable for your child. The Britax Marathon is perhaps the top rated seat for its protection, performance, and how much kids love riding in it. If you can afford to stretch your dollars, this would be an terrific option for your first, or second, convertible car seat.

Evenflo Tribute LX

This model is a wonderfully capable basic convertible car seat. It does what it is supposed to do which is provide protect for your little one while driving at a price point that is under $100. This is the least expensive of the models on our list, but it still meets or exceeds current safety requirements. Where this model may lag behind the others is its attention to detail and its overall comfort. Some owners complain about the lack of padding of the seat and how difficult it was sometimes to install in their vehicle in the rear facing position.

Despite some of the minor complaints of this seat, the overall scores from users is still pretty decent. If you are in a pinch, this seat will be more than adequate for your child. As long as you use your seat correctly and avoid the most common mistakes, then you should not worry about getting a seat that you did not spend a lot of money to purchase.

These three convertible car seats are just some of the options available. Luckily, there are a number of other quality safety seats on the market that you should have no trouble finding one that fits all of your needs. Having a child is expensive, and all of the things that you have to buy for them in their first years can really add up. There are ways, however, to save without compromising their well being. Hopefully some of the models above will help you zero in on something that is perfect for your child as well as your budget.

The Blistering Effects Of Anorexia And What To Watch Out For

Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder where an individual has an intense fear of gaining weight. In turn, they will limit the food they eat and the caloric intake in order to avoid putting on pounds. Although it may start as dieting, the condition affects the mind and body and it can quickly turn in to something serious. The individual may start to obsess about food and dieting at all times of the day. The condition will usually start during one’s teen years, therefore early treatment is vital to ensure it does not continue on through adulthood. When not treated, the condition can lead to starvation or other serious health problems, which can affect other areas of one’s life. The statistics on anorexia or scary and it is important to know what to look for in friends and family in order to get them timely help.

Causes of Anorexia

There are many factors which may lead to an eating disorder, from family history to social factors and interaction traits. As eating disorders are so complex, it is difficult to pinpoint one thing which leads to the problem. Individuals will find they are more likely to have anorexia if they:

  • deal with stressful events in life (from a divorce to losing a job or any difficult family issues)
  • other individuals in your family may have eating disorders
  • if you are an individual who always wants things to be perfect, this may lead to a distorted perception of your body image
  • if your job requires you to stay fit, some people may take it to the extremes due to the fact that they are always in the public eye (from athletes to models)

Regardless of what causes the disorder, making sure the eating disorder is diagnosed and spotted at an early stage is important to getting proper and effective treatment so that further health and psychological problems can be avoided.

Symptoms of Anorexia

Most people with the condition will deny they have a problem. Therefore, family, friends, and loved ones will usually have to intervene for an individual to get help. Some common signs of anorexia include:

  • much lower weight than average body frame should be
  • individuals are afraid of gaining weight (regardless of what they eat, or how small a meal they consume)
  • refusing to stay at a normal, healthy weight
  • the individual thinks they are overweight when they are in fact too thin for their body frame.
  • Many individuals will also become consumed by the condition and will:
  • obsess about foods and dieting at all times of the day;
  • limit the caloric intake each day;
  • exercise in excessive amounts each day; or,
  • vomit or use other laxatives, in order to ensure they do not gain any weight at all.

Getting Help

If a doctor diagnoses a case of anorexia, or any similar eating disorder, they are likely to monitor the body weight, and compare it to someone of the same age (height, gender, and body frame). They will check the lungs, internal organs, and body frame to ensure there has been no damage to the body, and they will run necessary tests to get each individual the proper form of treatment, depending on how bad their condition is personally. The hardest part is getting someone to realize that they have a problem. Their sense of their own body image has become so distorted usually that they will see continue to see themselves as overweight when it is obvious to everyone around them that they may be dangerously thin.

Treatment Options for Anorexia

Whether you choose to speak to a therapist, go in to a nutritionist for help with dieting, or check in to any facilities for help and constant monitoring, there are different options to turn to for help. Getting the right medical attention is key early on in order to ensure you are taking in the proper nutrients and the right amount of calories on a day to day basis, especially if you have to gain weight and be brought up to a normal healthy weight level.

Regardless of how bad the condition has gotten, seeking medical help should be the first step when dealing with anorexia. The sooner one can get the help, the better it is going to be in the long run. Looking for the warning signs, talking to a doctor, and getting the information regarding treatment centers and clinics in your area are some things that can be done to start a person with anorexia on the road to recovery. Seeking professional medical attention and assistance is highly recommended for anyone dealing with any form of eating disorder.